The War Against Misinformation Continues: CMIB Wrap Up

18 April 2024
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The Centre for Governance Studies (CGS), in collaboration with the U.S. Department of State, has conducted a total of 14 dialogue and training sessions across Bangladesh under the project “Confronting Misinformation in Bangladesh” over the past one year to identify the mechanisms of misinformation as well as the challenges in dealing with misinformation at the local and national level. Through a multi-pronged approach including media literacy training, dialogue sessions and policy advocacy talk shows, CGS provided a platform for diverse perspectives on combating misinformation, enhancing journalistic integrity, and navigating the complex landscape of media in Bangladesh. Over the past year, CGS has worked with a range of stakeholders, including journalists, media experts, and fact checkers, to develop and implement effective strategies for combating the spread of false and misleading information. As a successful completion of the project, CGS is now organizing a closing event titled “The War Against Misinformation Continues: CMIB Wrap Up” on Sunday, 21st April 2024, at 11.30 AM at the EMK Center (Level: 6, Grand Delvistaa, CES(A) 1A, Road 113 Gulshan Ave, Dhaka 1212).

The closing event will feature introductory remarks from Zillur Rahman, Executive Director, CGS, who will provide an overview of the project's key activities and achievements. The Guest of Honor will be Stephen Ibelli, Public Affairs Counselor, U.S. Embassy in Bangladesh.