Seminar on “U.N. Role in Security and Human Rights”

19 December 2015

The Centre for Governance Studies, Dhaka organized a half-day seminar on “U.N. Role in Security and Human Rights” on 19 December, 2015. The Seminar was participated by 20 people comprising some former ambassadors, scholars, policy analysts, human rights activists, and media personalities. The Seminar brought out the concerns at the insecurity and human rights abuses in various parts of the world. The worst offenders were identified as North Korea, Myanmar, Iran, Syria and Iraq as well as Bangladesh. The asymmetry of the current world order was cited as the main reason for the current crisis which is dominated by the United States and Russia in the security arenas who seemed to failing to protect the credibility of the United Nations. The seminar emphasized the interrelationship of security and freedom, and toward individualized conception of security that needs to be protected by the state, non- state actors and the international community especially the United Nations.