Abdullah Al Zafori

Research Associate and Coordinator, Youth Outreach Program

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Abdullah Al Zafori is currently employed at the Centre for Governance Studies as a Research Associate and Youth Outreach Coordinator. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Chittagong. International politics, good governance, public policy, and social development are among his research interests. He has been a social activist since a young age, participating in a variety of social organizations and activities. 

He is passionate about working with and for young people.   Prior to joining CGS, he served as a National Coordinator for the English Olympiad and with numerous youth-based organizations throughout the country.  He believes that youths are a country's most valuable resource and that the development of our youths can ensure the nation's development.


  • 12 Jan 2023, 02:29 AM

    Greetings! May I talk to you regarding a study and subsequent project activities of an international development partner? Pls let me know. [email protected] Best regards Dr. Shafiul