Promoting the Freedom of Speech against the Strictest Legal and Illicit Restraints

01 September 2021

Freedom of speech in an inalienable right of human being which includes right to express without any interference. Bangladesh since its independence has long been criticized for its vulnerable human rights practices. The introduction of Digital Security Act in 2018 has exacerbated the condition of human rights in Bangladesh. Journalists, social and human activists, educators, members of civil society, diplomats, and various international organizations strongly objected this law as injurious to freedom of speech. The most shocking matter is that the law directly or indirectly encourages extra-judicial Killings and enforced disappearances. According to Amnesty International, only in 2020, 222 people were killed by Bangladeshi security forces in alleged extrajudicial executions. Besides, Odhikar found 31 people were enforcedly disappeared only in 2020 and the total number is 587 in between 2009 to 2020.

In such circumstances, it is imperative to introduce activities prioritizing these human rights violating activities. The Centre for Governance Studies who encourages the best practice of human rights at any circumstances has initiated a project titled Promoting the Freedom of Speech against the Strictest Legal and Illicit Restraints. 

The project activities include developing two academic research papers on extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances led by an internationally recognized scholar, two district wise maps of the cases and organizing four digital discussion events. In longer terms, the findings of these activities are expected to contribute in raising awareness among masses and force nation states to abide by the internationally recognized human rights regulation.   


  • 27 Dec 2022, 07:43 AM

    Mr Zillur Rahman For transparency’s sake - You should always report on your website the funding source of the great projects you have undertaken or currently carrying out. Thank you. Sayed Chowdhury Sydney, Australia [email protected]